The HIV and AIDS People Alliance of Kenya (HAPA-Kenya) is a community-based organization that received self-help group status in Mombasa County in 2011. Since it began focusing on the local community, the group has expanded to include Kenya's Taita-Taveta and Kwale Counties.
In order to meet the needs of people living with HIV, HAPA Kenya was founded, with a focus on promoting health-seeking behavior.
We accomplish this by motivating members of the community to live healthy, responsible lives while empowering them to engage in safe sex, educating them about the advantages of seeking and adhering to treatment, informing them of their legal rights in regard to their health, and bringing key stakeholders, such as medical professionals, law enforcement, religious leaders, transport operators, and their families, to their attention.
In an effort to enhance the sustainability of service delivery and access to its beneficiaries, HAPA KENYA's strategic plan aims to incorporate the usage of green energy.


To encourage institutional system strengthening, capacity building/empowerment, and access to integrated sexual and reproductive health services.                                                                                      


A community in which all people achieve their full potential for health and well-being across the lifespan. We strive to gain the patients’ trust, be seen as a valuable contributor to the community, and effect positive change.


  • Commitment to providing excellent services: With the needs of our clients in mind, we fervently advocate for the provision of high-standard, morally upstanding services.
  • Accountability: We uphold the principles of honesty, transparency, and truthfulness in everything we do, including but not limited to financial transactions, the provision of services, the generation and dissemination of data, and the management of human resources.
  • Partnership: To promote synergy and avoid redundancy, we engage in teamwork, meaningful involvement, and resource leveraging through advantageous links. 


Carolyne Kiongo - Board Chairperson.

Jamal M. Kyana - Executive Director.

Idris K. Mwendwa - Programs Coordinator.

Peter Mwakazi - M & E Officer.

Felix Matekwa - Human Resource Manager.

Sussan Muisyo - Clinical Officer, Mombasa County.

Judith Achieng - Clinical Officer, Kwale County.

Victor Oluoch - Clinical Officer, Taita-Taveta County.